Styrene Margin Data

As of March 1, 2019, Trinseo is no longer posting styrene margin data on its website. We may, from time to time, present styrene margin data in a similar or other format in our earnings and other communications and disclosures.

Trinseo’s Feedstocks reporting segment captures styrene monomer margin through both internally produced and cost-based purchases of styrene. In 2019, we expect to produce approximately 700 kilotons of styrene in Western Europe and purchase approximately 60 kilotons of styrene in Asia with cost-based economics. With all other inputs remaining equal, a $50 per metric ton change in styrene margins would be expected to impact the Feedstocks reporting segment’s annual Adjusted EBITDA by approximately $35 million in Europe and approximately $3 million in Asia. Other factors that could impact the Feedstocks segment Adjusted EBITDA include, but are not limited to, utilities, freight, manufacturing costs, overhead costs, production outages, currency, discounts of styrene, benzene, and ethylene, as well as raw material timing.